Sunday, November 25, 2012 - Pay per image view (No Survey) (upto $3 per 1000 views). is a get PAID to share your images with friends and family on Social Network Sites, Forums, Blogs anywhere you like!
How to earn money from Facebook ,Twitter and blog ?
This is a profitable way

•Earning Info :
TIER 1: ( US UK) 3.00 $ / 1000 views
TIER 2: ( AT CA NZ) 1.00 $ / 1000 views
TIER 3: ( AU BE DK DE ES FI FR GR IE NL NO PT SE ES) 0.50 $ / 1000 views
TIER 4: ( CN CH CY CZ EE HU IL JP PL) 0.10 $ / 1000 views
OTHER : 0.05$ / 1000 views
(Click on the image to open in full size)

•Payout Info :
Minimum payout is $1.
Paypal, Moneybookers, liberty reserve accepted for payout.
No Restriction on payout.
Payout is carried out everyday.

•Detail Statistic :
It provide full info (include image impression)
Live statistic.
Image view should be one ip per 24 hours.

•Whois :
Private Domain


  1. many image uploaded on this site can be seen by one ip then I will get paid for each view?

    1. Yes, you will get paid for each different image view from unique ip :)

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